Standardization in the field of microbeam analysis (measurement, parameters, methods and reference materials) which uses electrons as an incident beam and electrons and photons as the detection signal.


The purpose is to analyze the compositional and structural characteristics of solid materials. The volume of analysis will generally involve a depth up to 10 micrometers and a surface area less than 100 square micrometers.

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Sustainable Development Goals

This committee contributes with 4 standards to the following Sustainable Development Goal:


Published ISO standards *

of which 9 under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 202


ISO standards under development *

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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 202/SC 1 Terminology Subcommittee
ISO/TC 202/SC 2 Electron probe microanalysis Subcommittee
ISO/TC 202/SC 3 Analytical electron microscopy Subcommittee
ISO/TC 202/SC 4 Scanning electron microscopy Subcommittee
ISO/TC 202/AG   Future Directions in Microbeam Analysis Working group
Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 202

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 202:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 201 Surface chemical analysis ISO
ISO/TC 201/SC 10 X-ray Reflectometry (XRR) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis ISO
ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies ISO


Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 202

ISO/TC 202 can access the documents of the committees below:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 201 Surface chemical analysis ISO
ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies ISO


Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
Acronym Title Category
EMAS European Microbeam Analysis Society A
VAMAS Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards A

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