Standardization in the fields of refrigerant compressors for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat pump and dehumidifying applications as well as other devices, components and equipment that use refrigerant compressors and is not covered by other ISO technical committees, including terminology, methods of testing and rating for performance, sound levels, vibration and with consideration given to operation reliability.

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ISO/TC 86/SC 4/AHG   Work programmes of refrigerant compressor standards Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 86/SC 4/WG 2   Positive displacement refrigerant compressor Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 86/SC 4/WG 3   Centrifugal refrigerant compressor Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 86/SC 4/WG 4   Revision of ISO 917 Grupo de trabajo


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IIF International Institute of Refrigeration A

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10 September 2024 He Fei Shi (China) ISO/TC 86/SC 4  

* Información definitiva, pero la reunión aún no se ha convocado formalmente
** Provisional

ISO/TC 86/SC 4 - Secretaría

SAC [China]

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute (GMRI)
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