Standardization in the field of prefabricated building, of:

  • general terminology and metrics, including fire stopping and seismic, watertightness, physical properties, value proposition, taxonomy;
  • general requirements for planning, design and offsite production of prefabricated buildings, including types of structural system, integrated design and finish/fit-out;
  • general requirement for digitalization, including digital intelligent production management, associated bill of materials and process logic, enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing execution systems (MES), product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • general requirements for geometry, tolerance and performance of prefabricated buildings, their components and connectors
  • general requirements for documentation, construction and installation of prefabricated buildings, including hoisting technology, transport, assembly, construction management, supply chain capabilities and capacities;
  • general requirements for verifications, including physical testing, quality control and assurance;
  • general requirements for maintenance and reusability of prefabricated buildings.


  • construction documentation (ISO/TC 10/SC 8);
  • performance requirements for structural concrete (ISO/TC 71/SC 4)
  • fire tests and fire safety engineering related to building materials, components and structures (ISO/TC 92);
  • bases for design of structures (ISO/TC 98);
  • bases for design and construction of timber structures (ISO/TC 165);
  • bases for design and execution of steel and aluminium structures (ISO/TC 167);
  • environmental management related to eco-design and material efficiency (ISO/TC 207);
  • additive manufacturing (ISO/TC 261).
  • aspects of structural requirements and performance already covered by existing committees

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ISO/TC 59/SC 19/CAG   Chair's Advisory Group Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 59/SC 19/WG 1   Revision of ISO 7728 and 7729 Grupo de trabajo
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21 October 2024 Yantai (China) ISO/TC 59/SC 19  

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