ISO/CD TS 24574
Specification for a Digital Safe
Reference number
ISO/CD TS 24574
Edición 1
Committee Draft
ISO/CD TS 24574
El comité está revisando un borrador.


This document specifies the minimum functionalities of a digital safe in order to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the documents archived therein. This document is intended to define the main features of digital safe software: - Management of integrity: Software must ensures that the documents associated metadata are correct and have not even in any manner been improperly changed. - Management of confidentiality: Digital safe must provide the protection of users ‘data. It must ensure that users can know, decide and control the use of their personal data stored in a Digital Safe. - Traceability of actions: The use of a digital safe must make possible to identify when and by whom a document was filed. This type of software must provide traceability of all actions performed on the archive: additions, deletions, reading, etc. - Document protection: A digital safe is an software designed to protect any type of file. It allows the user to have a security mechanism on each document or on a specific folder, according to his needs. Digital safe software must be able to use encryption algorithms to secure data. - Retrieving documents: A digital safe software must capable to retrieve all documents that are supposed to be integrated into it. - Export documents and interoperability: The ability to transfer documents and their metadata from one digital safe to another digital safe. In practical terms, a digital safe can store documents of all kinds: invoices, contracts, diplomas, identity documents, etc. This document is intended for: - Designers or integrators of a solution or implementation. - Service providers. - Publishers or manufacturers of hardware and/or software providing a solution or implementation. - Consultants and auditors. This document does not address system environments that may be necessary for the operation of Digital safe, such as physical security (fire extinguishing system, armoured doors, presence detectors, etc.), power supply security (generators and inverters) or telecommunication lines. Nor does the present document address the operating procedures for Digital Safe. These are the responsibility of the Digital Safe operator.

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