ISO/AWI 30002
Ships and marine technology — Ship recycling management systems — Guidelines for selection of ship recyclers (and pro forma contract)
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ISO/AWI 30002
Edición 3
Working draft
ISO/AWI 30002
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.
Reemplazará ISO 30002:2012


This International Standard provides guidance to shipowners in the selection of a ship recycling facility.

In order to ensure as far as possible that vessels are recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner,

shipowners need to consider to which ship recycling facilities they wish to sell their ships, and it is therefore

important that ship recycling facilities provide certain objective information to assist in this selection process.

Ship recycling facilities that are unwilling to provide this information on request by the shipowner cannot

be objectively assessed.

Since the shipowner might not be able to verify the information given, it is the sole responsibility of the ship

recycling facilities to ensure that such information is correct. However, it is important that shipowners be critical

in their consideration of any such information, and aware that some facilities might publish obviously false

information or give contradictory data that make it apparent that the information supplied does not reflect

reality. In such cases the facilities cannot be objectively assessed.

It applies to the process of selecting a ship recycling facility and the use of a pro forma contract. It does not

consider other aspects of ship recycling which are covered by other standards of the ISO 30000 series.

This International Standard is applicable to shipowners who wish

a) to select a ship recycling facility in order to carry out safe and environmentally sound ship recycling,

b) to demonstrate conformity with the ISO 30000 series, and

c) to ensure themselves that the ship recycling facility chosen is in conformity with the ISO 30000 series.

This International Standard does not limit shipowners to selling to or recycling at facilities that have ISO 30000


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