Norme internationale
ISO/IEC 5259-1
Intelligence artificielle — Qualité des données pour les analyses de données et l’apprentissage automatique — Partie 1: Vue d'ensemble, terminologie et exemples
Numéro de référence
ISO/IEC 5259-1
Edition 1
En cours de publication
ISO/IEC 5259-1
En cours de publication (Edition 1, 2024)
Étapes finales du processus d’élaboration (jusqu’à sept semaines).

What is ISO/IEC 5259-1?

ISO/IEC 5259-1 is the foundational part of the ISO/IEC 5259 series, focusing on data quality for analytics and machine learning (ML). This standard provides an overview, terminology, and illustrative examples to help organizations understand and apply the entire series effectively. It establishes the framework for assessing and enhancing data quality across different phases of the data life cycle, crucial for reliable analytics and ML outcomes.

Why is ISO/IEC 5259-1 important?

ISO/IEC 5259-1 is crucial because it addresses the foundational need for high data quality in an era dominated by data-driven decision-making. As data become the raw material for analytics and machine learning, ensuring their quality directly impacts the accuracy and reliability of analytical models and ML systems. This standard equips organizations with the necessary tools and methods to assess, manage, and improve data quality, ensuring that the data used are fit for their intended purpose. It provides a common language and set of practices that facilitate effective data quality management, crucial for achieving consistent and reliable analytics outcomes.


  • Improved reliability and accuracy of ML models and analytics
  • Standardized data quality assessment across various sectors and applications
  • Enhanced organizational capability in managing data quality


Organizations of all sizes and sectors that use data analytics and machine learning technologies to inform decision-making and want to ensure their data quality meets required standards.

ISO/IEC 5259-1 provides the foundational concepts, terms, and framework that are elaborated upon and applied in other parts of the series, such as ISO/IEC 5259-2 through ISO/IEC 5259-5, which offer more specific models, measures, and guidelines for various aspects of data quality management.

While ISO/IEC 5259-1 can provide valuable guidance independently, it is designed to be used in conjunction with other parts of the ISO/IEC 5259 series and related standards like ISO/IEC 25012 for a comprehensive approach to data quality.

Informations générales

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     : 2024-07
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  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42
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