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ISO’s member for the USA, ANSI, recently created a video that points out the importance of toilets and proper sanitation. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

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By Barnaby Lewis
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When we think of innovation, it tends to be hi-tech that comes to mind. But it’s not just areas like 3D printing and space travel where International Standards have a role to play. We’ve talked previously about the way that ISO standards can help contribute to UN SDG 6, giving particular focus to non-sewered sanitation systems as a way of improving the health and hygiene of more than four billion people who don’t have access to proper toilets.

More shocking still: 2.3 billion people lack any form of sanitation at all, whilst over two hundred million tonnes of human waste go untreated each year. With renewed focus on the primal importance of hygiene and handwashing in keeping healthy, this animation from ANSI is timely as well as informative.

Barnaby Lewis
Barnaby Lewis

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