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The Bureau Burundais de Normalisation et Contrôle de la Qualité (BBN) is an incorporated administrative public institution with financial and organizational autonomy. It is headquartered in Bujumbura.

Its aims are :

  • to prepare draft national standards in cooperation with the technical committees;
  • to promote quality management and quality assurance
  • to contribute to finding appropriate technologies and to acquire for its own purposes and for the purposes of others all relevant documentation in the field of standardization and quality control;
  • to establish and support any committees, commissions, laboratories or other services dealing with standardization in Burundi;
  • to represent the national interests in foreign and international standards and quality control bodies;
  • to take all action required to achieve the aims of standardization and quality control.

The Bureau comprises four technical divisions:

  1. The Standardization and Metrology Division
  2. The Laboratory and Inspection Body Certification, Accreditation and Supervision Division
  3. The Training and Technical Help to Companies Division
  4. The Standards Documentation Division.

Bureau Burundais de Normalisation et Contrôle de la Qualité

500 Boulevard de la Tanzanie
Quartier Industriel

Тел.: +257 22 22 18 15
Факс: +257 22 22 55 95
E-mail: info@bbnburundi.org

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