Членство: Корреспондентский орган

The Chadian Standardization Agency (ATNOR) is established by Law No. 044/PR/2014 on Standardization of 31 December 2014 and its operation is governed by Decree No. 1470/PR/MMDICPSP/2018 of 1 August 2018.

ATNOR is a Public administrative institution that is legally incorporated and has independent administrative and financial management. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry for Industry and Trade.
ATNOR’s financial resources are made up of State subsidies, revenue from its activities, donations and bequests.

As a National Standardization and conformity assessment body, ATNOR’s mission is to contribute to development and implementation of the Government’s policy in the field of standardization and quality in Chad. To that end, it is responsible for:

  1. Development, publishing and dissemination of national standards;
  2. Approval of international standards;
  3. Centralization and coordination of standardization work;
  4. Training and awareness raising in the fields of standardization;
  5. Certification of conformity with standards;
  6. Promotion of standards and the quality approach to Public or Quasi-Public Authorities and Private Sector Bodies;
  7. Cooperation with International Bodies and specialized committees in the field of standardization;
  8. Conducting studies relating to standardization and development of proposals for measures intended to improve the quality of products and services, and compliance with standards;
  9. Management of the WTO information point on Technical Barriers to Trade;
  10. Management of the National Codex Alimentarus committee.

ATNOR is managed by two bodies:

  • A Board of Directors 
  • A General Management team

Public administrative body established by Law No. 044 /PR/2014 of 31/12/2014

Agence Tchadienne de Normalisation

Quartier Moursal
Avenue Joseph Désiré Mobutu
Boîte Postale : 2412

Тел.: +235 61 18 75 45 / +235 96 91 57 90
E-mail: contact@atnor.td

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