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В CASCO был разработан ряд стандартов по оценке соответствия. Сформированная база стандартов называется инструментарием CASCO и включает такие темы, как деятельность испытательных лабораторий, знак соответствия, аккредитация и взаимное признание результатов оценки соответствия.

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Slides on the most recently published conformity assessment standards

All presentations are available to download from the ISO server.


Educational kit on conformity assessment

A set of presentations composed of nine modules on conformity assessment, developed by experts from the ISO Committee on conformity assessment (CASCO). They explain key aspects related to conformity assessment and are intended to be used by anyone who wishes to build on their knowledge of conformity assessment.

The slides are publicly available and can be used in whole or part, and users may add their own images or graphics. It is not intended to be a comprehensive e-learning tool, though these modules serve as a valuable resource for creating your own presentations or learning materials. 

All nine presentation modules are available to download from the ISO server.


ISO Survey

Every year, we perform a survey of certifications to our management systems standards. This survey shows the number of valid certificates to ISO management standards (such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) reported for each country, each year.

ISO does not perform certification. Organizations looking to get certified to an ISO standard must contact an independent certification body. The ISO Survey counts the number of certificates issued by certification bodies that have been accredited by members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

ISO Survey 2021

The latest results of the Survey are for 2021 which show an estimation of the number of valid certificates as of 31 December 2021. The scope of the 2021 Survey expanded from the previous edition to include 4 additional standards, bringing it to a total of 16 ISO management system standards included.

The ISO Survey results contain three sets of data:

  • the number of valid certificates for each country for the 16 ISO management system standards,
  • the number of sites covered by the certificates for each country for 12 ISO management system standards,
  • the number of sectors per country covered by the certificates for 13 ISO management system standards (ISO 22000, ISO 29001 and ISO 13485 do not contain data on sectors).

For an overview of the results we invite you to read the explanatory note.

Excel of full survey results data


CASCO's Website for regulators

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CASCO-related brochures

A brochure covering all aspects of conformity assessment and its role in international trade.
CASCO has been piloting a Mentorship Programme to support and encourage new Convenors/Co-Convenors to lead CASCO standardization work. A framework was designed and the pilot project started in September with the CASCO/WG57 revising ISO/IEC 17043. Further communication about the programme and its implementation …

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Latest workshop documents

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Contact us for older workshop documents.


Covid-19 related resources

CASCO Communiqué on covid-19

Conformity assessment during covid (STAR deliverable)



CASCO has issued a number of important joint communiqués with regard to the transition to revised CASCO documents or to specifically address an important issue that requires clarification.

Joint communiqués list


Case studies

Discover a wealth of cases studies and research that show the benefits of conformity assessment for both businesses and public-sector organizations.


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How to make a Clarification request for a standard developped by CASCO?

The criteria for submitting a clarification request are explained in the CASCO clarification process [PDF]. If you fulfill the criteria and wish to proceed, please use the clarification request form [DOC].

Please note that clarification requests for standards developed by other ISO technical committees should be referred directly to the manager of the committee in question.