International Standard
ISO 15638-21:2018
Intelligent transport systems — Framework for cooperative telematics applications for regulated commercial freight vehicles (TARV) — Part 21: Monitoring of regulated vehicles using roadside sensors and data collected from the vehicle for enforcement and other purposes
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ISO 15638-21:2018
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO 15638-21:2018
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Опубликовано (Версия 1, 2018)

ISO 15638-21:2018

ISO 15638-21:2018
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The ISO 15638 series of standards defines the framework (3.21) for online fleet management of regulated commercial freight vehicles utilizing data communication between in-vehicle systems and an application service provider (3.39) via on-board communication unit interfacing with road monitoring infrastructure. This document defines an extension to the existing role model conceptual architecture (3.7) by adding roadside sensors (3.37) to the model for additional data collection path for enhancement of the system.

The objective of this document is to reinforce vehicle monitoring for enforcement and other management purposes of regulated commercial freight vehicle movements. The scope of this document is to

a) Reinforce vehicle monitoring for enforcement and other purposes,

b) Provide additional data security by using roadside sensor data links,

c) Detect/avoid tampering/incorrect setting of onboard sensor equipment,

d) Provide means of using roadside sensors to validate the accuracy of on-board equipment, and

e) Enable the combined use of data obtained from the regulated commercial freight vehicle and roadside/in-road sensors to monitor, manage and control the movement of regulated commercial freight vehicles.

In this extended role model architecture (3.7), roadside sensor (including buried in-road sensors) functionality is added to the existing TARV role model. In this extended role model, jurisdictions (3.28) and other entities can reinforce monitoring or other management purpose applications by using a combination of information from both in-vehicle systems and roadside/in-road sensors.

In this document, the framework (3.21) for this modified and improved reinforcement of vehicle monitoring for enforcement and other management purpose applications is defined.

This document is complementary to, and does not replace, any other parts of the ISO 15638 series of standards. This document is beneficial to jurisdiction enforcement and other vehicle monitoring management purpose entities and it provides a means for using roadside sensors to validate the accuracy of on-board equipment and provides additional use cases for TARV service applications.

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