Draft International Standard
ISO/DIS 19152-4
Geographic information — Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) — Part 4: Valuation information
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ISO/DIS 19152-4
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International Standard
ISO/DIS 19152-4
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Текущее издание: ISO 19152:2012

ISO/DIS 19152-4

ISO/DIS 19152-4
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This part of ISO 19152 provides the concepts and detailed structure for standardization in the land administration domain. In order to achieve public policy objectives, some regulations use geographical spaces for mandating or enabling particular behaviours or outcomes. This part of ISO 19152 defines a general schema for valuation information systems in the context of the land administration. It is designed to represent all stages of administrative property valuation, namely representation of parties involved in valuations, identification of properties, assessment of properties through single or mass appraisal procedures, recording transaction prices, generation and representation of sales statistics, and dealing with appeals. The proposed model in this standard may provide public bodies a common basis for the development of local and/or national information models and databases, enabling the integration of valuation databases with land administration databases, and can act as a guide for the private sector The first edition of LADM standard, ISO 19152:2012 concentrated on Land Administration and value component of land administration was considered in out of scope. This information is now included in Part 4 with a more general perspective. This part of the standard provides an abstract, conceptual model related to • value (valuation, mass valuation); • transaction prices; • sales statistics; • valuation units (parcel, building, condominium unit, valuation unit group)

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