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ISO 23793-1
Intelligent transport systems — Minimal risk manoeuvre (MRM) for automated driving — Part 1: Framework, straight-stop and in-lane stop
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ISO 23793-1
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ISO 23793-1
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This document addresses the minimum requirements for minimal risk manoeuvres (MRM), which are the response of an ADS to perform automated fallback to reach a minimal risk condition (MRC).

This document specifies the classification framework for MRMs. The classification framework establishes the concept of MRM operation, classification of different MRM types, and basic principles of the decision-making process to decide which MRM type can be performed based on the situation.

This document also specifies the minimum requirements of the control strategy and test procedures for the two simplest types of MRM: straight stop for type 1 and in-lane stop for type 2.

The scope of the MRM described in this document covers minimum requirements for ADS performance during MRM action, from initiation to termination, aimed at achieving an MRC. MRM action-specific safety requirements for robust system design, such as those specified in ISO 26262 and ISO 21448, are not within the scope of this document.

The MRM described in this document are intended to be used on light-duty vehicles equipped with Level 3-5 ADS.

The scope does not include methods for detecting ADS failures and the decision-making process to initiate an MRM. This is because there are numerous cases that can initiate MRMs, and there is no general agreement on classification of those cases in the industry.

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