With healthcare standards, you can benefit from global best practices, improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency across clinics, hospitals, and home care.


An easy guide to understanding healthcare data analytics

In this brave new world, virtually every person generates data. Like many industries, the healthcare sector is increasingly moving towards data as the foundation of its decision making.

Welcome to the world of telemedicine: Understanding the basics

Welcome to the exciting world of telemedicine – a digital approach to healthcare that combines the speed and reach of technology with the personalization and expertise of medical professionals.

Healthcare management: Delivering quality to the health industry
ISO 7101, the world’s first-ever standard on managing quality in healthcare organizations, provides much needed guidance for a rapidly evolving sector.

Top standards

ISO 11607-2:2019/Amd 1:2023
Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices
Part 2: Validation requirements for forming, sealing and assembly processes

Amendment 1: Application of risk management

ISO 15189:2022
Medical laboratories
Requirements for quality and competence
ISO 17664-1:2021
Processing of health care products
Information to be provided by the medical device manufacturer for the processing of medical devices

Part 1: Critical and semi-critical medical devices