ISO/IEC 15954:1999
ISO/IEC 15954:1999



The ACSE supports two modes of communication: connection-mode and connectionless-mode. The ACSE service

definition (see ITU-T Rec. X.217 bis | ISO/IEC 15953) includes both modes of communication. This Recommendation |

International Standard only includes the connection mode of communication. This Recommendation | International

Standard for the connectionless mode of communication is contained in ITU-T Rec. X.237 bis | ISO/IEC 15955.

This Recommendation | International Standard defines procedures that are applicable to instances of communication

between systems which wish to interconnect in an open systems interconnection environment in a connection mode. This

Recommendation | International Standard includes the Kernel functional unit that is used to establish and release

ASO-associations. The Authentication functional unit provides additional facilities for exchanging information in

support of authentication during association establishment without adding new services. The ACSE authentication

facilities can be used to support a limited class of authentication methods. The ASO-context negotiation functional unit

provides the additional facility for the recipient to select the ASO-context from a list offered by the initiator during

association establishment. The optional Higher Level Association functional unit provides for the facility to identify

ASO-associations and transparently pass data to child ASOs and allows the ASO-context or the presentation context on

an ASO-association to be modified during the lifetime of the association.

This Recommendation | International Standard specifies:

a) procedures for the transfer of information for ASO-association control and the authentication of ASOs

and application-entities; and

b) the abstract syntax for the representation of the ACSE APDUs.

The ACSE procedures are defined in terms of:

a) the interactions among peer ACSE protocol machines through the use of Presentation services or

supporting ACSE services; and

b) the interaction between an ACSE protocol machine and its service-user.

This Recommendation | International Standard also specifies conformance requirements for systems implementing these

procedures. It does not contain tests which can be used to demonstrate conformance.

General information 

  •  : Published
     : 1999-12
  •  : 1
     : 70
  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
  •  :
    35.100.70 Application layer

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