Draft International Standard
ISO/DIS 18518
Magnetic fusion facilities — Requirements for the safety systems raised by the application of the superconducting technology
Reference number
ISO/DIS 18518
Edition 1
International Standard
ISO/DIS 18518
This Draft International Standard is in the enquiry phase with ISO members.


The proposal will cover following aspects: - Requirements on penetrations through vacuum vessel, cryostat and building walls. They serve as different level of confinement systems. Superconducting magnets are located between the vacuum vessel and cryostat with the auxiliary systems connecting the magnets with power and coolant supply outside the main building. - Requirements on the shielding capability that will not only protect the workers and the public but also the devices and electronics that are essential to support the function of superconducting system. - Requirements on the electronics that are necessary for nuclear instruments and measurement, e.g. to monitor N/P production and fusion power, in a magnetic environment. - Requirements on the magnetic measurement (to be placed inside the vacuum vessel) that will monitor the magnetic behavior in order to ensure the performance of the fusion operation. - Requirements on preventing the hazard associated with superconducting magnets, e.g. loss of superconductivity (quench), Parschen breakdown following helium and voltage leakage, as well as mitigating the consequences.

General information

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    : DIS registered [40.00]
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  • ISO/TC 85/SC 2
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