ISO 14068-1:2023
ISO 14068-1:2023
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What is ISO 14068?

ISO 14068 provides principles, requirements, and guidance for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality. It focuses on quantifying, reducing, and offsetting carbon footprints, utilizing a hierarchical approach prioritizing direct and indirect GHG emission reductions and removal enhancements within the value chain over offsetting.

Why is ISO 14068 important?

This standard is essential for entities committed to carbon neutrality, supporting sustainable development and transition to low GHG emission activities. It ensures that carbon neutrality efforts are true, fair, scientifically valid, and communicated transparently.

Benefits of ISO 14068

  •  Supports entities in achieving genuine carbon neutrality.
  • Enhances credibility and trust in carbon neutrality claims
  •  Promotes science-based, ambitious GHG emission reduction strategies
  •  Encourages a comprehensive value chain and life cycle approach to carbon management


Organizations, financial institutions, and product providers seeking to achieve and demonstrate carbon neutrality.

No, it provides a methodology for assessing carbon neutrality, not specific emissions thresholds.

It complements other environmental standards like ISO 14067 by focusing specifically on carbon neutrality across various subjects such as organizations and products.

By providing a structured approach to carbon neutrality, it aligns with global efforts to achieve net-zero GHG emissions and supports the objectives of the Paris Agreement.


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     : 2023-11
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