International Standard
ISO/IEC 24714:2023
Biometrics — Cross-jurisdictional and societal aspects of biometrics — General guidance
Reference number
ISO/IEC 24714:2023
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO/IEC 24714:2023
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Опубликовано (Версия 1, 2023)

ISO/IEC 24714:2023

ISO/IEC 24714:2023
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This document gives general guidance for the stages in the life cycle of a system’s biometric and associated elements. This covers the following:

     the capture and design of initial requirements, including legal frameworks;

     development and deployment;

     operations, including enrolment and subsequent usage;

     interrelationships with other systems;

     related data storage and security of data;

     data updates and maintenance;

     training and awareness;

     system evaluation and audit;

     controlled system expiration.

The areas addressed are limited to the design and implementation of biometric technologies with respect to the following:

     legal and societal constraints on the use of biometric data;

     accessibility for the widest population;

     health and safety, addressing the concerns of users regarding direct potential hazards as well as the possibility of the misuse of inferred data from biometric information.

This document is intended for planners, implementers and system operators of biometric applications.

Specification and assessment of government policy are not within the scope of this document. However, this document is intended to be beneficial to public authorities when deploying biometric systems.

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     : 2023-07
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